About Us

      Our family business is in Greensboro, NC.  and reaches out to our surrounding counties.    

​      Dan is from Mississippi and I am a native of Greensboro, N.C.   Dan came to Greensboro in the late '80's and started working with his cousin to grow his cousins business, Dutch Barns, Inc., back then it was called

S & N Dutch Barns, Inc.   

    August 2013 the doors closed and Dutch Barns, Inc. filed bankruptcy, closed their doors, liquidated and lost the property off Hilltop Road. We found ourselves in need of acquiring an income so we can keep our home and keep eating - we like to eat and we like our home.   
    During those 26 years Dan learned to do everything and did everything with regard to constructing and moving buildings.  With all that experience we decided to start our own business where Dan can continue doing what he has done for the past 26 years, and Dutch Barn Dan, Inc. was born!     

     I have been a court transcriptionist for the State of N.C. for the past 22 years, had my own cleaning business prior to that and raised a family.  Dan and I are very involved at our church, have faith in God and have a personal relationship with His Son, Jesus. 

​    We are grateful to all who have supported us in years past as individuals and in our professions and we thank you.  Dan and I are excited to have a business where our children can be involved.  

We ask for your continued support and ask for you to consider us for your next project no matter how large or small.  

Thank you, too, for visiting our site.