Basic Style Building

The Basic Barn Style is an efficient, fundamental, no-frills design for storage that offers options for storage, one being a loft for items you want to store above the floor adding to enhance your space for anything else you can imagine.  The right choice when economy is paramount.  The side walls of the Basic are 4 foot in height; 8ft in the center on 8ft buildings, 10ft in the center on 10ft buildings. This building shown is an 8x8.  The basic comes with the same Dutch Barn Dan, Inc. warranty as all other buildings constructed by DBD.

Standard Style Building

The Standard Style Building is a variation of the Classic Dutch Barn Style and the Basic Style Building for customers desiring more overhead storage and higher walls with a slight overhang all around. Even though you will see the Standard design by other manufacturers, rarely, if ever, will you find one with the detail and quality found in every Dutch Barn Dan model. This Standard building is a 12 x 20 with lots of room for lofts, work benches and shelving as just a few of the many options we offer.  Side walls are 5 ft. tall.

Dutch Barn Style

The Dutch Barn Style has been a classic throughout the United States for many years. Significant to the style are the "peak" on the front and the "ears" of the building on the sides that most people associate with the original Dutch Barn Design. Stylish and still practical as any building we offer, this traditional classic building offers great storage and will accent any backyard of all homes.  Building shown is an 8x8. 

Dutch Barn Dan, Inc. Warranty Includes 5 Year Comprehensive on Workmanship & Materials  

All non-vinyl buildings will need to be stained within 90 days of build date to validate warranty. Acts of God, normal wear & tear not covered.