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Our business is family-owned and operated in the Piedmont Triad and reaches out to the surrounding counties since 2013.

All was well until the economy created double to triple the cost of building materials - and that was if you were able to get them.

As the economy was still challenging our business I (Karen) developed COVID-Pneumonia in December 2021. Sadly, getting the correct medical care within the first crucial days did not happen - even with Dan driving me to the doctor's office at my insistence with a high fever, chills, and a loss of 15 pounds within 7 days - we sat in the parking lot and let them know we needed help. Prior to this I utilized the My Chart (Epic) System communicating with my doctor. Long, sad story of events.

It is not my intent to knock the medical profession, it is my intent to let you know that my family and friends thought I was going to die and knew I needed medical assistance. Due to the vomiting and diarrhea for over 15 days, I contacted my G.I. doctor, Dr. Cenja - great man, great doctor. He ordered a CT Scan of my abdominal area and discovered there was pneumonia in the lower part of both lungs. Being very concerned about the length of time with no medical care, he called in antibiotics, because he believed I also had bacterial pneumonia as well as viral (COVID) pneumonia. I started feeling some better. This started months of a series of test with many different doctors. I was not able to dress, bathe, prepare food (which I was not able to eat- just fluids, ginger ale, Pedialyte and saltine crackers for over 20 days), or brush my teeth without assistance. I wasn't even able to walk without help. Dan was there with me even though he was sick with the flu for weeks, he took very good care of me. Three of my sisters in law, came and took care of me as well, even before the diagnosis came that I had COVID Pneumonia. God has been so good to keep them well. I have received many diagnoses due to the COVID Pneumonia that were not present before.

From the end of December 2021 to June 2022 was a challenging time in my life, our lives. I am so thankful for cell phones with the ability to play Scriptures for me to hear; and music I was able to be reminded of my God. "He Is" by Aaron & Jeffrey was the one song I played over and over. 

During the time as Administrator of our business I was not able to do anything. Dan and the others kept the business together as best they knew how. There were so many negative affects hitting us and my being very, very sick for 5 months hit our business most hard. I am still recovering with Long Term Covid. The brain fog the medical profession speaks of is real. I had to learn to write all over, I still lose thoughts when I am talking or attempting to type or write things out. I struggle now with this. 

I feel as though I have aged 30 years and lost 2 years of my life since December 2021. I continue to have doctor visits to differernt doctors several times a week, including physical therapy. God has blessed me and is carrying me through this. I do not know what He has planned for me and Dan, however, I am excited to see. In the meantime, we are selling off our office items (desks, shelving, drafting tables, etc.), and some building materials. The direction for my life has changed. We also have that beautiful 24 foot by 36 foot finished building that we planned on using as our new office for sale. You can find the information on our website under Contact Us, DBD3 Items for sale. 

I am asking that you share this with all your friend, family and acquaintances. Currently we are behind on all our bills and need assistance. Selling all our items would be a great answer to our financial problem.

Those who know me know this is unlike me to ask, much less put out on a public forum for the world to know our situation. I am considering a fund raising link - which I do not want to do. We have things to sell and that will answer our finacial matters to get them sold. Dan and I are trusting God through all this. Dan and I have learned a great deal about God and each other through this negative process. We are coming closer together. We are very excited about that. We have been together for 32 years. 

I appreciate you all and I thank you for listening to me share where we are now in our lives. 

With all of me, I thank you.


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