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"I have experienced first hand the professional service that Dan Ball delivers. Dan has showed me what 27 years of experience really means.  Dan was able to deliver a 10x16 building between a fence, a tree and a deck with clearance of only inches. It was a marvel to watch as Dan used one backup attempt to perfectly place my building when literally a half inch separated his vehicle from my deck. I would recommend DutchBArnDan to anyone. You can expect great service with no worries.  If Dan can't move it, no one can."  Tim. A. 

"Dan moved a 16 x 24 building to a different location in our yard.  Though short handed that day, he made the move that only a person with his experience could pull off.  the price was affordable and the work was top notch! I would highly recommend him! Thanks again, Brian"

             (The dirt spot is where Dan moved it from)

Dutch Barn Dan Storage Sheds